An Unsurpassed Feeling of Power and Freedom… In My Backyard

Bet you thought I was gong to write, “Pants,” didn’t you?

It’s been a week since I first blogged about the Foxy Lady. In the meantime I’ve made little progress on those four projects, mostly because last week was one of those on-the-hop weeks; when I wasn’t busy with other things, I was just trying to chill out.

One thing I did in the meantime was the DTMR’s online sample learner’s test, the questions in which were based on standard road rules; the bike-specific questions were easy enough to answer if I assumed they were written with rider safety as the paramount assumption.

I’ve taken this coming Wednesday off in order to take Vickie into hospital for a heart examination. While she’s in, I’m going to sort out helmet and gloves with the Scooter Shed (see project #4 in the last post), and I think I’ll nip into the nearest DTMR office and see about doing the learner’s.

But this morning, to make sure the battery didn’t run flat, I started the Foxy Lady up and took her for a slow spin around our backyard, just to get a feel for riding a scooter.

And it felt like…

Well, let me quote you the first page of the instruction manual, which I got out just to make sure I was starting her up properly.

Thus is the wisdom of the Geely Corporation:

Congratulations on your purchase of JL150T-3A. This model is a fascinating vehicle, which can give you an unsurpassed feeling of power and freedom.

An unsurpassed feeling of power and freedom, huh? Well, I definitely didn’t notice a vibration function built into the seat, so I guess that’s a scratch.

(The tooth-shaking explosions that come out of a Harley exhaust are suddenly making more sense…)

I’m glad to report that my natural impulse was to brake with both front and rear brake levers, so I ought to stop in a fairly safe fashion. Dad reckoned that if I brake with just the rear wheel, I’m likely to lock it up and send the back wheel sliding.

All in all, it was fun tooling around the yard; it whet my appetite for more. I imagine it’s to motorcycles what a go-kart is to cars.

Still, I wonder about the rest of the Geely motor scooter line. If the model JL150T-3A is a fascinating vehicle, then why aren’t the other models of Geely scooter fascinating?

Or maybe I got the raw end of the stick. Perhaps the other Geely scooters are entrancing. Perhaps enrapturing.

Yet there is that unsurpassed feeling of power and freedom in my future – possibly when I hit 100 km/h on the way into town – and I think that’s plenty to be happy with.

I might even buy an aviator’s scarf…

Are you curious?

What was your first time behind the wheel of a car or the handlebars of a motorbike like?

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