Keeping the Portfolio Up to Date: Book Reviews

Be warned, ladies and gents: This post is equal parts, “Hey everybody! Yay me!” and “Yes, potential freelance employer, I review more than just video games.”

The section of my portfolio that has been most neglected is the Book Reviews one. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to read a heap of books that I would otherwise have missed out on, either due to lack of disposable income or the genre / subject matter being outside my usual taste. This is all thanks to the Editorial team at The Cairns Post. They get advance review copies of books in almost constantly, and they offer the staff a great deal: Review the book and keep it.

This has led to me discovering the works of Stephenie MeyerJo Nesbo, Scott Sigler and Christopher Farnsworth, and is directly responsible for my not-so-secret addiction to the works of Elizabeth Vaughan and Nalini Singh (I must also credit it for helping feed Vickie’s addiction to James Patterson). Just as important, though, is that it’s got my name in print. A lot.

But as most of the reviews wind up published in print instead of online, it’s not as easy to display them as clips. Over the last week or so, though, I’ve been able to get PDFs of a lot the articles that ran over the last few years. The latest is of the young adult novel Legend, by Marie Lu, and in a few weeks’ time I expect to have at least one more review ready to go.

In the meantime, though, please have a read!

Have you read any of the books I’ve reviewed? What did you think of them?

What book have you read recently that you enjoyed? What made it a worthwhile read?