GTRF! Episode 3: Ogre

The last one came three weeks early, so naturally this one comes two months late!

This one’s another labour of love, although I didn’t write it. It’s a vignette written by Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games, and it taps straight into my love of Big Machines. It’s called “Ogre.”

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A little after the reading I catch you folks up on what’s been happening ’round my neck of the woods!

Please note: The “Ogre” vignette is copyright Steve Jackson Games, Incorporated.

Show Notes

If You Want To Skip Ahead

  • Ogre, by Steve Jackson: 00:54
  • Reflections on Ogre: 09:27
  • Catch-up on Last Year: 11:02
  • What Do You Want To See / Hear Next? 25:26

Questions for Listeners

  • What’s your favourite old-school game (from whichever years your “old school” comes from)?
  • What’s your favourite Big Machine?
  • What do you want to see more of?
  • Anything you’d like me to read?
  • Do you want to do an interview / chat?