GTRF! Episode 1: Slamdance (Part 1 of 2)

Ladies and gentlemen, if I can beg your indulgence for half an hour, I’d like to try a little experiment: The first (and hopefully not last) episode of Get Talking, Rob Farquhar! I spend the first five minutes making a lot of plosives and rambling on about the podcast, its direction, etcetera, so if you want to skip directly to the story (which is the same one I posted on the old blog a year or so ago) and past all the plosives, wind your media players to 5:13!

Note: I seem to be having some trouble playing this podcast via Google Chrome, but I just tested it with IE and it works fine there. If you have any trouble, please let me know!

Show Notes

Holy crap, I’m writing show notes! Well, this is really just a list of links to the things I mention in the episode.

4 thoughts on “GTRF! Episode 1: Slamdance (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Carol Libke

    Fantastic Rob,
    Now I know why you haven’t had time to come to group meetings.

    We’ve all been suffering Slamdance withdrawal and good to know we can again make his acquaintence through this site. The reading comes through very clear and well paced through my Mac desktop.

    Thanks also for the plugs, which help Tropical Writers find direction to a place they may not have, hither to, known even existed.

    Interestingly, Christine Eyres and I were talking about Slamdance (and you) at a Writers Retreat with Venero Armanno on the weekend. We were both saying we were missing him. All I can say is the universe is a very strange place! So glad he’s back.

    • Rob F. Post author

      Thanks heaps, Carol! I must apologise for not turning up lately. I mentioned on the web log a while back that when I tried continuing Slamdance on from where the chapters I read out at TW I wound up writing myself into an unpleasant dead end. I decided to try outlining the novel, which is what I’m working on at the moment; I didn’t want to turn up unless I had something to show for the month between each meeting.

      That, and for a fairly outgoing person I can be horribly stay-at-home sometimes.

      I hope the plugs net the group some more members!

  2. Vickie F

    Now you know why I left you alone for most of the week-end! Just proves you can do anything if you
    really want to.
    Sweetie, I really enjoyed it.Slam has lost none of his charm. You realise that you’ll always be Slamdance to me.
    I should get you to read some of my stories.

    • Rob F. Post author

      Darling, you’re on! 😀 And thank you again for giving me the time! This weekend will be better for me doing housework.

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