Is An Xbox 360 Slim The Solution?

FYI, this is cross-posted from here and here; I want to maximise its exposure, especially as my 360 just locked up for the third time in forty-five minutes.

Well, I just got up and walked away from my Xbox 360 after it locked up twice in the space of ten minutes while playing Transformers: War for Cybertron. I don’t get an error message or a red light; it just freezes in the middle of a game and the only button presses it recognises are the tray button and the power switch.

FYI, I bought my 360 in April / May 2007 and it’s a pre-HDMI 20GB HDD unit. It’s been doing this intermittently since sometime last year, and only when playing certain games, like Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, TF:WFC and (I think) Bayonetta. Halo 3 never gives it any trouble, funnily enough, and I don’t remember any lock-ups during Gears of War 1 or 2.

I’d flirted with the idea of getting a Slim when it came out, but decided that prettier looks and quieter fans weren’t a reason for me to buy what I already had over again, especially as I couldn’t afford it. However, I’m going to be coming into some cash fairly soon and this locking-up business is really starting to nark me.

What’s made the idea even more tempting is the just-announced Halo: Reach console bundle. I already have Reach on pre-order at GAME (AU$30 paid off so far), and the idea of getting a new console, the game, two controllers and a wireless headset for only AU$100 more than the console, one controller and a wired headset is really starting to look like a good idea. But I want to check with you gamers in my readership, especially those of you who’ve already bought a 360 Slim.

Have you had freezing trouble with your Slim? Do you know anyone who has?