Interview: God of War III Developers

A couple of weeks ago, the Entertainment Editor at work forwards me an e-mail from a PR company in Sydney. Two developers from Sony Santa Monica, the studio that produced the entire smash-hit God of War series for the Playstations 2, 3 and Portable, were in Australia promoting the just-released God of War III and available for a phone interview.

Would I be interested in handling it, my editor asked?

Now, I’ve never owned a Playstation or played a God of War and the only person I’ve interviewed before was local lad DJ A.N.G for the LAN party article.

I said “Sure.”

I did some research into the company and the history of the God of War series, although I was limited by the fact that I had no idea exactly who I would be talking with. Still, I assembled a list of questions, which my editor vetted.

A little after 10AM on Friday, March 26th, I took a phone call from the PR agent, who told me that I was speaking with no less than Jonathan Hawkins, Senior Designer, and Bruno Velasquez, Lead Animator at Sony Santa Monica. Two of the top team that developed the God of War games.

I had no idea what to expect; I didn’t know whether these fellows had just got off the plane and suffering jet-lag or spent the last couple of hours fielding the same questions over and over. But the fifteen minutes I was allotted flew by; Jonathan and Bruno were both affable and enthusiastic, more than willing to talk about the eight-or-so years they’ve spent bringing Kratos’ saga of rage and vengeance to gaming consoles.

And today, my interview was published!

So there you have it. “Resident games guru” and interviewer!

I wonder what’s next?

UPDATE: Entertainment editor Jesse Kuch has posted the interview on the website! Check it out here!