Burnout Paradise

After my page-dominating review of Bayonetta last week, the folks at The Cairns Post wanted to know if I had one for today. Having pretty much broken the bank with Bayonetta and with Mass Effect 2 not out until today, I had to tell them no – until I had the brainwave of reviewing an older game from the perspective of (a) picking it up cheaply and (b) it being kept fresh by downloadable content.

Thus, today’s review of Burnout Paradise. Download (make sure you have Adobe Reader, naturally) and read!

4 thoughts on “Burnout Paradise

  1. EvilHayama

    I must have missed something, these guys can’t get the games for you? With the published reviews you’ve done so far you should be able to scam stuff for free from the publishers… The reviewers I know have to talk to the pubs themselves, but it isn’t too hard if they know the paper.

  2. IMAGinES

    Mate, the only comp copy I ever got from work was Speed Racer. If you know someone I can talk to who knows someone at the publishers, I’d be extremely grateful!

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