Getting Sexiness Right in Videogames

While I’m on the subject of Bayonetta, I thought I’d offer a couple of links about the game’s most talked-about aspect: its sexy lead character, Bayonetta herself.

  • Bayonetta: Empowering or Exploitative? – Leigh Alexander, intelligentsiess par excellence, gives a girl gamer’s view on Bayonetta.
  • Penny Arcade – His Most Recent Superpower – Tycho’s take on Bayonetta, which hipped me to Leigh Alexander’s article.
  • On the Ball: Pimping Bayonetta – how Bayonetta differs from almost every other sexy videogame heroine out there – and how Sega’s marketing is missing the point.
  • William Huber’s Response – a dissenting view on the presentation of the sexy female lead, on the grounds that the only thing that lifts a character above objectification is character, which, in the author’s opinion, Bayonetta has little of. (Added 8:50AM 28 Jan 10)

Featured image: Bayonetta fan art by Molybdenumgp03