The newly-revamped timeOUT, the entertainment lift-out in every Thursday’s The Cairns Post, now sports a page called timeIN, dedicated to having a good time at home.

Okay, you know, I ought to admonish you dirty-minded lot up the back where you think I can’t see you having a rude little laugh at the double entendre there – but I can’t, really, because my game review in the second-ever timeIN (it would have been the first except Jesse had already queued up a Darksiders review from IGN before he went on leave) is of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 hit, Bayonetta.

Download and read!

5 thoughts on “Bayonetta

  1. Andrew Haigh

    Hey mate,
    Ripper review, flowed well and gave me a good grasp of the game. You’ve trumped the O.D.S.T. one!
    Maybe include a rating out of 5 or 10 for the next review?

  2. IMAGinES

    Well, I did have 100 more words to play with than the ODST review, so that helped! As to ratings – ehh, I’ve seen enough flaming on review sites when ratings get compared to other games. And besides, try as we might, ultimately reviewers can’t help but be subjective. The questions I try and answer are: Is game X worth the ticket price? Why?

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