Flattery Gets You Nowhere

The community radio station I volunteer for is going through some turbulent times at the moment, and a local blogger has been investigating. I can’t comment as to the accuracy of his articles, but I will draw your attention to this one, where he mentions my show, Radio for the Print Handicapped:

To be absolutely honest, the only valuable programming I’ve been able to find on Cairns community radio 89.1FM is a daily “service” where local news is read…
This is a service designed for those that can’t read the Cairns Post, God help them, or other newspapers for that matter. We call them visually-impaired these days. Remember when you grew up, it was “blind.” We then turfed out that word. I recall when we stopped saying “handicapped” and replaced it with “disabled.”

Rob Farquhar is my fav readers on community radio, with a voice so smooth you’d think he’d be a gay flight attendant, or at least help out when they’re busy. His other half Vickie assures me he’s not. I’ll take her word for it.

I’d like to make two comments with regard to this:

  1. “Print Handicapped” doesn’t refer to just blind people or folks with other visual impairments, it also means folks whose eyesight is fine but can’t read (probably a needless comment, as Mike Moore is a born stirrer).
  2. Honey, you only wish!