Notes from Paradise City

I’ve been struck down with the Minor Dreaded Lurgi today; rather than push my luck and go into work I’m going to sit at home, eat fruit, chug down Lemsip and water and make sure I’m okay for the Big New Year’s Deadline Push tomorrow.

In the meantime I wanted to share an observation with you.

When I finally bought Burnout Paradise mid-this year, I noticed something in my short playthrough before I abandoned it for the then-welcoming bosom of Halo 3: Unlike Burnouts 2, 3 and Revenge, there’s no speedometer. It took me until this weekend, when I played it for hours on end on Sunday, to realise why:

In Paradise City, there are only two speeds: Too Fucking Fast and Not Fucking Fast Enough. And if you need a speedometer to tell you which one you’re doing, then you’re playing the wrong game.

P.S.: I want my Jansen 88 Special.