Wherein I Grok Burning Empires

Yeah, I’ve been hanging out on The Burning Wheel Forum lately, kinda sorta to get my “living vicariously through others’ games” fix but also to get a better feel for how Burning Empires works before I play it. And regardless of the former, it looks as though I’m well on track with the latter.

There’s this thread that starts with a couple of posters discussing how to pick the right skill based on what you want your character to do. It morphs, as threads are wont, to a discussion of the ground that a single roll covers, and again into “How many rolls should it take for a player to achieve one thing?” Burning Empires does something interesting, in that you, the player only get so many rolls per session.

I chime in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of – closing the” (ahem) sorry, with a hypothetical example which actually gets a nod from the game’s author for being “an excellent analysis of BE’s currency”. I also like to think it’s witty and laden with action, tension, drama, all the good stuff. Please have a look; click the above link and scroll down until you get to post 10 (it’s the one written by IMAGinES). Hopefully it’ll make Burning Empires look even more interesting to the foks I’m trying to press-gang into playing it with me!