About Bloody Time, Jeff!

On, a whim, I decided just now to see whether that damned annoying placeholder over on Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds site had been taken off and an actual website been put up in its place. The bastard has had us hanging for at least half a year.

The good news is that an all-new Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds website is now up. It even includes some test footage of CGI Martian Fighting and Flying Machines for the touted fully-CGI film they’re working on – which, it seems, won’t actually be ready until 2008, not 2005 after all. (Not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose, as Spielberg’s version will be out of the way by then.)

They’re also re-releasing the CDs in a big way this year, both the 2-disc setand a collector’s edition seven-disc set. (Vickie and I both wonder what the hell they can pack on seven discs? The computer game as well?)

(The answer, as it turns out, is here.)

(Yes, I’ve let Vickie know what I’d like for my birthday. 😀 )

Wonder if my Dad will be able to flog his original vinyls for a few quid?