Atomic Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed.

Check it out.

Me, I’m ambivalent. I mean, it looks sort of cool… and yet a little too ugly, if you know what I mean. The Aliens APC was ugly, but cool. This… I think it’s that front end. It’s hard to see, of course, but – for my taste, I think the front end needs a little more covering. I don’t like those exposed wheels; it looks like someone took the nose of an F1 racer and bolted it on. Just doesn’t look quite right. Heck, those levered plates on the back could almost be a mutated rear airfoil from an F1, too.

UPDATE: The back end doesn’t help either. You’d think the Batmobile, being a street vehicle, ought to move fast and handle well. Not with those four huge tyres, it won’t. And come now, does the studio think it needs to establish its hip retro cred by tacking the jet exhaust on in a nod to the TV series? It looked appropriate on the Michael Keaton “Stingray/Salt Flats Racer” Batmobile, but it just looks extraneous on this brick.

Actually, you know where this design ought to be seen? In a movie based on Neal Stephenson‘s Snow Crash. Seriously – you folks who’ve read the novel, isn’t this damned close to how Stephenson described the Deliverator’s car, massive tyres and all?