Red Vs. Blue

I’ve been meaning to mention these guys for a while. Red Vs. Blue are this pack of utter loonies in the States who, as they so eloquently describe it in their FAQ, “just write scripts and then use videogames to act them out.” Actually, they’ve been using just one game – Halo.

As far as I can see without venturing into their paid forums, they connected a bunch of Xboxes together, set up a Blood Gulch multiplayer session, then set up one of the Xboxes as a single-screen session and got that player to run around as the “cameraman”. The output was captured with a PC video capture card, the results were edited, dialogue was dubbed, and the result is a hilarious little blend of multiplayer deathmatch-style smack talk, South Park-style characterisation and Halo-style high-tech action!

The problem is, there are nineteen episodes, and each one is a QuickTime movie file between 20 and 30 megabytes in size (there are compressed DivX versions, though, which are one half to two thirds the size). I downloaded the lot, and they’re side-splitting. Then again, I think you have to be a gamer and/or into that style of crude humour to get it.

Well, enough of this for the moment; Roger is going to be over soon, and not long after, we’re all pootling off to Dan’s for a bit of Champions.